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2012 Year In Review: Behind The Scenes


Happy New Year, y’all! 2013 is going to be SOOO good for me and for Ashleigh Taylor Photography, I can’t help but break into the giddiest Gangnam Style dance when I think of it all! And of course 2013 would be my year… after all you are talking to a lady born on Friday the 13th! 13 is my lucky number!

But before we move forward, I’d like to look back a bit! I always enjoy doing Year In Reviews, to appreciate where I’ve been before I move forward. Well, friends, one of the funniest and most popular posts I do every year is my “Behind The Scenes” photos. These are the images that show me creating images. You know, how the magic happens. And sometimes it ain’t pretty (or should I say, I don’t FEEL pretty)– shooting weddings on 100+ degree days (which we had wayyyyy too many of this year) is NO JOKE. But I’ll put vanity aside and keep it real. This is behind the scenes of Ashleigh Taylor Photography 2012… no photoshop or nothin’!

I always check every bridal party member to make sure they look great and know just how to pose!!

I very quietly capture the love!!! So sneaky!

Grand Entrance? Yeah, I’m on it!

Toasts? I got that covered too 😉

From bridals to the ceremony!!

Where’s Ashleigh during the First Dance? Blending in with the crowd, but capturing every moment!

Bouquet shot? Check!

I’m pretty sure I was being hilarious and entertaining the crowd here… Clearly!

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? I don’t know, but I thought everyone could laugh at me and help me try to figure it out!

Ceremony-ing! This is me capturing some crowd reactions!

Beautiful portraits!

More bridal party awesomeness!

Sometimes perfect moments just happen before my lens (see the pic on the left) and then sometimes a gown needs to be fluffed to create a perfect moment (see the pic on the right).

“I now pronounce you…” hahah j/k– I don’t do that part guys! I am just posing them for a portrait! hehe

Whoa, that’s a lot of photographers! This is what happens when you try to grab a group shot after the ceremony and the guests can see what you’re doing… YIKES! Lesson: do a first look or move the guests into a separate cocktail area… otherwise the attack of the guests with point and shoots happens! hehe

Okay so I’ll leave you with this. Every wedding I am ALWAYS asked to dance by at least one groomsmen. Yes, I am a groomsmen magnet. It’s bizarre. I always turn them down because there is nothing professional about gettin’ down on the dance floor with a groomsman when you are the photographer (and MARRIED)! But usually me refusal makes the guys try to woo me harder. Their flattery may make me blush (see below) but they never get the dance!


  • Andrea - Thanks for sharing this! It is so cool to go behind the scenes of so many of the gorgeous images I have seen on your blog over the last year. These pictures have their own charm and my imagination is running wild thinking how much fun it is going to be at my own wedding this year. So excited to be working with you. You rule, Ashleigh!!

  • Rita - Great post! Very interesting to see it from your point of view!!

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