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Mini Portrait Sessions | For The Holidays

So, I had been toying with the idea of offering Holiday sessions for awhile. But I procrastinated. I can be an expert procrastinator sometimes…I learned it from both my parents! Soooo…now its the week before Thanksgiving and I’m finally solidifying the plans and making an announcement…. I’m gonna offer Holiday Portrait Sessions! Hooray!

Basically these will be mini-versions of my 2 hour sessions! Family portraits, couples portraits, pictures of just the kids, pictures of just YOU! Heck show up in your wedding attire and a Santa hat, and make it a mini Mr. & Mrs. Session! 😉 But really, I was thinking this would be the perfect kind of session for other procrastinators who haven’t gotten their holiday card pictures taken, or who love to give pictures of themselves to their parents for X-Mas presents (ummm…yeah you caught me! I love to give my parents the gift of me! LOL)!!

Here’s the info:

When: Sunday December 6th

Where: Downtown Culver City

What’s included: 45 minutes of photography time. I will put the un-edited images online in a gallery for you. You pick your 5 favorite images. I will fully edit your 5 image picks, and put the hi-res versions on a disc for you to cherish forever! And of course, you have printing rights to the 5 images, so you can make all the cards you want!

How Much: $100

Please contact me at for more specific details or to reserve your spot!! This is on a first come, first serve basis and spots are limited!

And since I can’t leave you without a picture…here is a teaser from my family session with the lovely Mitch, Angela, Georgia and Leo!

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