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Whether you’re a new mom or a mom who’s children are a bit older, I don’t think us moms can ever have enough photos of our kids! I mean, one look at our iPhone gallery and you might think we are a tad obsessed. But it’s just because we love our kids faces, and we know how quickly they grow and change. We want to remember it all. All the smiles. All the milestones. All the laughs. All the cute.

And of course at a newborn, baby or family shoot I love to grab some amazing shot of just the kiddos. Because who wouldn’t want to document all that adorableness? From sleepy newborns, to babies just sitting, crawling or toddling, to the wild energy of a child— I love to capture those milestones and moments in a modern, clean, modern, gorgeous way.

But let’s face it, there are lots of photographers who take photos of babies & kids so what makes a shoot with me different?

As a mom, I know how hard it is to actually get a great photo of yourself with your kid. You know, one where not only your little looks adorable (when doesn’t she/he?!) and you also look fabulous. Because as moms we are usually the ones behind the camera— who else is going to capture every little moment?— so it is easy for us to get left out of the pictures. And then, if we do get someone to take a picture of us with our kids, how often is it that we cringe at the result? I know many moms waiting to shed that baby weight, and in the meantime hiding from actually being in pictures.

The problem with that though? Is that life is too short.  The days become months and the months become years in a blink of an eye. And suddenly, we are missing from all those moments. Newborn snuggles, an entire tiny hand wrapped around your pinky finger, a first smile that made you smile bigger than ever, a first step that made your heart leap, a birthday or two or eight, baby teeth and adult teeth and toothy and toothless grins… You are key in these moments, but are you being represented in the memories, in the pictures? Or are you simply lurking behind the scenes absent from the imagery? Because let me tell you, being absent from the images is hurtful to not just yourself but also your loved ones. And I can also say as a daughter, it is truly heart breaking to look through my childhood photos and not be able to find any of mom because she was either taking the pictures herself or hiding from the camera.

You know you should to exist in photographs. But what if it didn’t need to be so painful? What if it could actually be fun & easy? And what if you could get a photo where you look amazing AND your babies look great (and maybe your partner too is even looking good in the photo too)? Wouldn’t that be PRICELESS???

Yes? Well that’s what makes me different. That’s the Ashleigh Taylor experience. While yes, I take awesome photos of your kiddos and their budding personalities, I more than anything also want to take pictures of you: Mom. I want you to feel beautiful and celebrated and capture your magical, fun, heart-melting relationship with your kiddos. I want to capture it in a way that not only makes you feel good about being in a picture, but makes you want to hang a huge 30×40 canvas of the photograph above your mantle that you can look at & smile at every day. I want you to enthusiastically love the pictures of you with your children & family, because life is too short. The moments happen too fast. Children become adults too quickly. And while your kids will love to look back and see gorgeous photos of themselves growing up, they will treasure above all a gorgeous portrait of them with their mom, their first love.

Ready to not only have your kiddo photographed but to get yourself in front of the camera as well? Contact me to book your dream shoot or “first year” baby package! I am excited to hear all about how you want your growing family to be photographed—