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Have you always dreamed of looking at a photo of yourself and feeling overjoyed by the results? Do you dream of looking glamorous, or sexy, or heck just a little more put together than you typically have time for on an average day? 

I think most women, myself included, have hid more than once from a camera because we are not happy with how we look. Or, on the flip side, we let someone take our photo only to be horrified by the results? “When did I get that double chin?” you think to yourself, and then swear off getting in front of camera until you feel “enough” again — good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, fit enough, young enough, made up enough… I know you know what I mean!

The problem with that though? Is that life is **too short**.  Photographs are our memories. They are the moments we laughed, celebrated our journey, hit a huge life milestone, and brought joy to someone’s life simply by existing. But when we hide from the camera, we hide from ourselves, and we deprive ourselves & loved ones of existing in cherished, frozen moments & memories. And I can also say as a daughter, and grand daughter it is truly heart breaking to look through old family photos and not be able to find any of mom or grandma, because she was hiding from the camera.

You want to exist in photographs. But what if it didn’t need to be so painful? What if it could actually be fun? And what if, you could look & feel gorgeous beyond your wildest dreams?

That is my specialty. That is what I promise to do for you.

A shoot with me is a unique and pampering experience. Your hair & make up will be done to perfection. You’ll feel like a star getting glammed up!  Between our pre-shoot consultation and day of wardrobe styling help, I will make sure we choose outfits that flatter your figure & make you feel your best. I will pose you to perfection. You won’t need to wonder how to stand or sit or where to look because I will guide you through every step. I will be here for you, to make you look amazing, to hear your story, to laugh with you and to celebrate you.

Your shoot can be private, if you want to do something sexy and a bit out of your comfort zone. Or, you are welcome to bring your mom, or daughter, or sister, or best friend to make the shoot extra special and celebrate the close women in your life.

In the end, I promise you will not only walk out of the session feeling confident, radiant and beautiful, but you will have the most gorgeous portraits of yourself. Portraits that celebrate you for the fabulous woman you are. Portraits that you feel joy and pride every time you look at them, and are sure to bring a smile to any loved ones you wish to gift them to as well.

That’s the Ashleigh Taylor experience. The experience of feeling self-love through amazing portraits.

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