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Named By Junebug Weddings As One Of The “World’s Best Wedding Photographers”

Wow, wow wow. From the wee earlllly days of my wedding photography business I longed to be recognized by Junebug Weddings and listed among their directory of World’s Best Wedding Photographers. I admire their site. They really do showcase THE BEST photographers and images. With them it’s not just about pretty details, but actual high quality photographs– technically sound and artistic. And I never really thought it would happen that they’d ever have me on their site. You see, Junebug limits how many photographers can be on their list in each major city and LA (where I used to live)?! Well I knew that was waitlisted. The application process to be a member is rigorous. I never bothered applying because I just was so sure I’d be rejected… I folded up that dream and put it in the way back of the linen closet in my brain. To collect dust and to only be looked on rare occasions.

So you can imagine that when I received an email last week from Junebug INVITING me to be on their list of Top Photographers in Santa Barbara/Best Wedding Photographers in the World, I nearly fell out of my chair. I seriously re-read the email about three or four times.Hrmmm it does say “Dear Ashleigh” … Hrm it was just sent to my email… I think that’s my email address… yeah it is…OMG THIS IS REAL?!

Yep, I was in shock. Giddy shock. That shock where a little dream you tucked away because you didn’t fully believe in it actually comes true. It’s the best kind of shock to feel– euphoria. So today my little listing went live on the Junebug site, and I am so humbled, proud and honored. Dreams do come true friends… even if it’s just a quiet vision you hold for yourself while you do a lot of groundwork… it’s possible no matter how crazy it seems!

Go check out my listing as one of Santa Barbara’s Top Wedding Photographers and let me know what you think!

  • Rosanne - Well deserved Ashleigh. Your talent is palpable when one views your portfolio of amazing work. Congratulations!

  • Rosanne - Well deserved Ashleigh! Your talent is palpable when one views your portfolio of work. Simply amazing. Congratulations.

  • Christy - Thank you for such a sweet blog post Ashleigh! We are honored to get to work with you, and we so appreciate your support of Junebug!

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