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Introducing GLAMOUR

I am so excited to be introducing a new type of service to you all! And it’s GLAMOUR!

Ok yes, Glamour, like Boudoir can often have a cheezy 1980s, feathered and pastel pink backdrop sort of connotation. But y’all know I always keep it classy, modern and gorgeous! And making women look and feel glamorous has always been a signature of my brand from my weddings to boudoir to portraits. So it’s a totally perfect genre for me to be working in!

So what is a glamour shoot?

A glamour shoot is a total girl’s day out pampering experience, with gorgeous images at the heart of the experience. This is a chance to get some seriously hot (but you can be wearing fun clothes, not lingerie) photos of yourself and play supermodel for a day like you have always fantasized about. My team will give you a hair and make up make over for the shoot, we will work with you on styling your outfits, and then we will shoot you in 3-4 amazing looks. You will look so STUNNING in the photos you will want to share them with everyone..  This is about celebrating the woman you are and your inner beauty inside and out! And bonus, since your hair and make up done you can plan a night out on the town to continute to celebrate your awesomeness!

How does this differ from your boudoir offerings?

Of course I love boudoir and am still mega passionate about it! But glamour is a bit different. Firstly, you do not need to be in lingerie. You can wear beautiful clothes… We can go Calvin Klein with you in Jeans and a Tee-Shirt or have you in some fun flirty dresses, or put you in a gown! You could bring one lingerie look if it pleases you, but that’s not necessary.

Boudoir shoots will include detail shots of shoes, legs, stockings, and those beloved close ups that make you say “dang my ass looks fine!” But Glamour portraits are more focused on you not the details. Your face will be in all the photos!

Who is a glamour shoot for?

Glamour is truly for EVERY woman 16-106. If you are a woman, you probably love to feel beautiful or wish you could feel beautiful. A glamour shoot is about just that… MAKING YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

You can do your shoot solo, but you can also bring a girl-friend (or three or six), your sister, your mom or your teen daughter. It’s fun for everyone!

Can I see an example?

In the up coming weeks I will be sharing lots of glamour images with women of different ages! But here’s a sneak peak!

santa barbara glamour photography

Wowww! TELL ME MORE!?!?

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