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FAQ – 6 Tips for Getting Your Wedding Published

Because so many of my clients find me through inspiration sites, like Style Me Pretty, where my work has been featured, I get a lot of couples who express interest in getting there weddings published! Everyone wants to know what it takes to get their wedding on the same sites they looked at for months while planning. I’d love to share my insight on what it takes to get your wedding published on a top wedding blog!

1. Be Unique, But Be Yourself!

The number one tip I can give any couple with their sites set on having a published wedding is BE YOURSELF. The weddings that stand out are the weddings that are unique… where you can really tell the couple put their heart, souls and personalities into the event and it’s details!! Lauren + Drew infused their love of books into so many handmade details, it is no wonder they were published on Style Me Pretty! Everything about the event was so them, making it one-of-a-kind!

2. Details Count!!!

Blogs need to show details! Detail photos are what they show to inspire other couples, so details of course count! Put thought into the details you would already have to spend money on– like the bouquets, bouts, centerpieces, shoes, cufflinks, other accessories! If there is cohesiveness among the standard details, we are already on a good track to get published!!

Really going the extra mile on details is what can make or break a wedding for publication though. Extra special touches like programs, menu cards, a unique escort card display, fun favors or anything else unique you can add to the decor are super important! These extra details give you more opportunity to infuse your wedding with your style, colors, and even theme! And like I said, blogs want to see as many details as possible!!!

3. Don’t Think You Need To Spend A Ton!

Just because blogs love details doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money or break your budget. I know for a fact that blogs LOVE weddings with a lot of style that were done on a budget– that’s a great sell to their readers. If your budget is tight, turn to DIY and re-used/up-cycled items. The more creative you get, the more unique your details will be!

My bride Christina DIY’d her programs which were so cute and helped get her wedding published

Turning to vintage, used, or up-cycled materials can save you a ton of money and give your wedding a unique look!! Lauren decorated her big day with vignettes of used books, and crossword puzzles that she made! Super low cost, super huge impact!!

4. Get Help!

Weddings are overwhelming! Get help!!! Enlisting the help of others will not only keep you sane, but it can help you get your DIY projects done quickly and have some fun doing so! But I also highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Seriously, no matter what your budget or your desire for publication… EVERY bride should have the help of a wedding coordinator/planner. A planner can actually help save you money by keeping your vision in check, telling you what details are worth spending on and what you can save on, and by making sure all your details are perfectly displayed on the day of!! Seriously, get the help of a planner AND friends/family! You’ll thank me 😉

5. Pick Venues and Vendors That Rock!

A gorgeous venue can be a detail in itself. Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful venue for your ceremony and reception!! A big venue like Bacara is so spectactular… you can’t argue with a view like this!

Frances + Jared chose the gorgeous Sherman Library and Gardens for their venue. Though small and unassuming from the outside, the inside is full of so much charm and character! And the venue had built in floral and succulent details! Can’t go wrong with a place like that…

Vendors are just as important as a venue! Awesome, talented, creative vendors (especially in the planning/design, floral, cake, photography and stationery departments) can really make or break the look of a wedding! If you really have your heart set on getting published, you should hire vendors with a track record of getting their work on blogs. The below photo features florals by Honey + Poppies and Stationery by Pitbulls +Posies— two top notch wedding vendors!!

6. Plan Ahead With Your Photographer!

Let your photographer know you want to submit the photos to publications after the wedding. That way they will be able to plan a timeline with you to allow for enough time to photograph all the important detail shots. One shot that is so important (that there isn’t always time for) is a shot of the empty, but decorated ceremony set up, like this photo below! I always shoot a wedding as if it was going to be published and try to get all the shots publications love! You never know what can make it to a blog, and also I think it’s very important my clients have photos of all their pretty details. I think the reason I have had so many of my real weddings published is because I shoot with an editorial eye.

These are my tips for the couple that hopes to one day have their wedding featured on the sites they turn to for inspiration. However, please please please don’t get lost in the idea of getting published. You’re marrying the love of your life. And that’s what counts!!!

Hope this was helpful!



  • Mirko Herzner - Thanks for this great collection of tips. These are not only good for brides-to-be but also for me as a photographer.

  • Lem - Great tips. I especially like #6. Photographers might shoot a little differently if they know you are trying to get your wedding published. Photogs typically know what publications want to see and will try to include a little more of that.

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