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UCLA Engagement Photography | G + J

This week I had SO much fun shooting G + J at their alma mater, UCLA! G+J met and fell in love at UCLA during their undergraduate years. And now these two lovebirds live on the East Coast! We had a blast roaming the campus and getting to know each other! Fun fact: this was actually the first time I met G + J in person since they booked me via a skype meeting! I loved seeing these two interact with each other! They give one another the biggest hugs, and the sweetest kisses! And they just couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear every time I asked them to look at each other! This session was just so cute and sweet, I know the wedding this November will be even more amazing!!!

Look at her getting her DIVA on! LOVE!

Work it out you two!

Rawr! Sexy!

Now for some fun!!! G said she’d only let J give her a piggy during an engagement session! J had waited a long time for this moment!!! You can tell how much laughter it induced in the photos!

Love at Royce Hall!

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