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Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography | Zoe & Nima

Eeks! I met Zoe + Nima at the Santa Monica Pier weeks ago. And I loved this session so much and had all these great plans to blog it right away…but as you all know life, or the opposite of it, happened. And so this fun & vibrant session sat on the back burner, and workaholic, anal, type-A me was feeling very guilty! But honestly I am glad that I had this session to come back to after everything. Zoe + Nima’s Santa Monica Pier session was light, fun, vibrant and happy…just looking at these pics washes away any sadness from my heart and fills it with joy!

Zoe & Nima are incredibly sweet together. When I met them, I knew in an instant that I loved them…and I could see how much they loved each other! We talked over coffee for hours at our meeting and when they booked me on the spot I was thrilled!! I knew our session would be fab…but I didn’t know just how fab it would be! I love how Zoe picked out two colorful over-sized balloons for our shoot! They bring such a lightness and fun energy to the photos! I also love the location, The Santa Monica Pier! Seriously, that is one of my fave spots to shoot at! Its always a blast! But as it turns out, Zoe & Nima didn’t just want to shoot at The Pier because its colorful and makes for a good backdrop in photos…They chose the Pier because it meant something. This was where they had their first date. The Santa Monica Pier is the place that started it all!!

I really love when couples choose locations that have meaning to them! And I love that the Pier was where the first love sparks flew between Zoe & Nima. And I love that these pictures show the sweet kind of love Zoe & Nima share! So enjoy these images below!

And to see more pics from this fun Santa Monica Pier Engagement session please check out the SLIDESHOW below! I absolutely love how this one turned out! It’s soooo sweet, like a gumdrop! You can really feel the love!

  • Caitlin - Seriously?! I LOVE these! Those balloons are happy 🙂 NIce job Ashleigh!

  • Hakop - These pictures are templates for a PERFECT Classical Indian film. You guys look amazing!

  • Ailsa - very nice and pretty pics! i love it!

  • Jennifer Brotchie - I love the vivid colors! Sublime!

  • s h e r r y - Omigosh, they are so cute! 🙂 I love the balloons and the pier in general.

  • Zoe - Awwwwwww we love these pictures!!! Ashleigh, you rock 🙂

  • Shana - the balloons are so fun! these photos make me smile! yay zoma and yay ashleigh!

  • jenn king - these are so fun ash!!

  • stacy - Santa monica!! i miss the place. those pictures are awsome. i love them very much!

  • David - pretty!! =D

  • Alexandra - Beautiful 🙂

  • Joelle - LOVE those pics…. soooo lovely.. 🙂

  • Lizzie - This is a great engagement shoot! I love it!

  • keri - those pictures are awsome,I love it!!!!!!

  • -brittany- - Such a vibrant post. . .I love it! I have clients that want to use balloons in an upcoming engagement sesh. . what great inspiration you offer!

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