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Santa Barbara Engagement Photography | Renita + Alex

Renita and Alex are such a fun couple! Sexy. Spontaneous. Funny. Giddy. Madly in love! They have such a joy for life and for living it with each other, it’s easy to be completely smitten with these two! I am so stoked to be shooting their wedding… in just one month!!! And I am so excited to share the photos from their RAD Santa Barbara engagement session! Renita and Alex drove up to Santa Barbara in Alex’s ’66 Dart, which made the perfect set for part of our shoot. We found a secret little turn-off in Goleta, and I had a blast shooting this smokin’ couple with their hot car! And as the shoot progressed we made our way to the Coronado Butterfly Preserve for some more stunning shots. We also all got to witness the most incredible sunset of all time, and I was sure to incorporate all the magic mother nature gave us in the shoot!

I have so much more I want to share about this incredible shoot! And there’s a great story to tell about it! But for now it’s hush-hush… you’ll have to stay tuned for another blog post about it!

I mean, FOR REALSIES, how frickin’ cute are these two??!!!


Super model alert!

I’m pretty sure if you looked up “sexy” in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of Renita and Alex! 😉

And I have to give a shout out to LunaBella for making Renita’s hair and make up look FLAWLESS! My girls Ashley and Christin always rock it out!

Work it!

We only had a little bit of time at the Coronado Butterfly Preserve before the sun went down…

But oh! What an incredible sunset it was! And the clouds were unreal!


And don’t forget to check out the slide show for even more sexy photos!!

  • Rosalee - Absolutely gorgeous and screams, “Hey Shuga, where you been all my life!” xxxxoooo’s Rosalee

  • Lara - Breathtakingly gorgeous! Xoxo 🙂

  • Marie - These are just gorgeous! You both look amazing! The kiss in the rearview mirror is my favorite. Love the video so sexy yet classy.
    Congratulations on your love.
    Aloha, Marie

  • Renita Gale - We love our photos, we LOVED our day…it was A Dreams Come True PERFECT Day!) and we love you Ashleigh!

  • Mrs Goodmartin - I love the photos. I can’t even decide which are my favorites. A good photographer goes a long way with beautiful people and love. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Mark Meloon (@MarkMeloon) - Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple. Just gorgeous!

  • Kamran R. Khan - Wow, breathtaking shots and amazing chemistry! She did such a fantastic job making your session all about you guys!

  • Norm - Beautiful stuff… Thanks for sharing!

  • Chris - Steamy stuff. Like the shots.

  • Allana Monroe - What Gorgeous Pictures! And such a Beautfiul couple! Blessings & Best For a Lifetime of Love & Bliss<3

  • Paul Swaekauski - These are the best engagement photos I’ve seen! I like the use of the car to kind of bring a little nostalgia to the prints!

  • VJM - So beautiful!!!! Love Love Love them!

  • Agnes - Hi Ashley,

    You captured all the beauty passion and chemistry of Renita & Alex! It makes me happy to see what you bring out out of the couple’s love & sexiness!

    I also enjoyed reading what you offer to the community, you are a beautiful soul!

    When I get married with the love of my life (whom I am with now) I would love to have you capture our moments!


  • Lisa Martel - Gorgeous photos of Renita and Alex! Will definitely be recommending you!

  • Brandy Little - Absolutly stunning photos! Great composition. Vivid colors (thanks to Renita’s dress). These are truly unique and show worthy!

  • Joe Camareno - These photos are amazing, Renita! You both are beaming and look fantastic. The photographer did an incredible job of capturing your essence as a couple. Kudos!

  • Joanna - YOWZA
    Those are completely amazing! You guys are adorable together. xo

  • Carol Elsner - Not your run of the mill photos. Smart and creative way to capture the love of a beautiful couple. If I ever meet the man of my dreams I am coming to you for my photos!

  • Susan Slome - Amazing shots. The subjects are admittedly awesome and easy on the eyes … but Ashleigh really captured the essence in a remarkable and beautiful way.

  • Mutzi - Thought I must admit, the subjects are the best (a bit of bias), your eye catches the scene with sensibility and keeness. The love that Alex and Renita have for one another shows through your photographer lens. My favorite…the kiss in the mirror (love it).

    Thanks for some great shots!

  • Sima - stunning pictures come from stunning subjects!

  • Nicole Peplinski - Congrats Renita! Your pics came fantastic! Really nice job for a fabulous couple!

  • Adrienne Rusk - Great shots, Renita! Congratulations to you both. What a stunning couple. xx

  • Jessica - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!!!!
    Ashleigh, you are one talented lady!!!

  • Jack Fitz - Truly amazing work.
    Reminiscent of the great Elliott Erwitt, but in color.

  • leah - stunningly beautiful photos! renita & alex, congratulations, i’m overjoyed for you both. GEORGEOUSNESS!!!! HOT!!! WOW!!!

  • julia - wow! handsome and gorgeous …what a combo.
    the happiness and love in those pictures can not be missed! love you, julia

  • FriedaJane - Amazing! That is what happy looks like!

  • Pamela - Gorgeous!!!

  • Stephen Rockwell - What beautiful photos of a gorgeous couple! Congrats!

  • jamie - great shots…hope to be able to have as much fun as these two

  • Marlu Soria - What wonderfully memorable photos Renita & Alex will have!!

  • Alex Alexander - Holy CRAP!! These are some of the steamiest, sexiest, movie star lookin’ engagement photos I’ve EVER seen. I mean, I realize she had great subjects to work with but … WOW!! Congrats on EVERYTHING!!!

  • Nic - Lovely work!

  • Katie Taylor - Love this shoot!!! So lovely Renita and Alex…congrats on your engagement. And what a beautiful job Ashleigh!

  • Michelle - What beautiful photos of a lovely couple!!! Completely sexy and sweet. Wishing both lives filled with love.

  • Lauren - Movie star perfection.

  • Rick - Great shots! My fav is the picture in the side mirror.

  • Marie - Great pics. Sexy and classy.

  • Rosemarie - Renita and Alex’s photos are absolutely Stunning 🙂

  • Ramona - This is a gorgeous album. Very classy and super sexy! Great work.

  • buckley Sampson - Love the vibe of these photos. Renita and Alex are a handsome couple and the styling is classy, fun and sophisticated! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!!

  • Chaim magnum - These photos are so amazing. I may have to get married so I can hire you. Great work!!!!

  • Kelly Rain - Beautiful, classy photos! I’m sure Alex & Renita will cherish them for a lifetime!

  • chris connell - Wow, these are amazing. Love the creative approach. Very cool.

  • Donald Julson - Very nice and posh.

  • Vida - Gorgeous photos! What a lovely couple. Big congrats!!

  • Nicole - Beautiful!! Congratulations!

  • Tracy - Soooooo lovely all! 🙂

  • Colleen Parker - Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous couple! Congrats Renita and Alex!

  • Beth Kelly - Renita, you look absolutely amazing and I am so happy that you found your “forever after” in Alex. I love the photos, so great to see both your personalities pop out. Breathtaking! oxBeth

  • giselle - Wow beautiful shots!!

  • Tatum Barnes - Renita!!! I love these photos of you and Alex! My favorite is the mirror kissing one!!! … Well, and then there is the one with you looking at Alex (both in the car Alex facing forward) and then there is the one with Alex sitting in the car and you with hand on many great captures!! Have fun choosing the best one to frame or make canvas. XOXO

  • Tracy Johansson - Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple. Renita, I love seeing you so happy in love. I hope your wedding day is a dream come true.

  • Chris Straeter - Two things:
    1) That blue dress was an outstanding purchase.
    2) You guys look great together. Love the pics!

  • Mihaela Lacramioara - Amazing images!

  • Tara Tomicevic - Love the “I’m in the right person’s arms” look! Congratulations Renita!

  • Dreena - Oh Sweet Cherry, I think you nailed it! Absolutely amazing engagement photos!

  • E. Isis Jackson - Love is beautiful 🙂 Congratz Renita & Alex. Amazing pictures!!

  • christine harte - Gorgeous pics!

  • Karen Weza - Blissfully Happy looks good on you!! Overjoyed for you, Renita!!
    The beginning of an amazing story together. Congratulations, Renita & Alex!! xo

  • Bruno Amato - Renita and Alex look stunning together..Congratulations!!…the photos are seriously magnificent!!!!

  • Rhonda Hansome - Sizzling!

  • Jasmine - LOVE THESE PICTURES AND WHAT THE REPRESENT AND WHAT SHINES THROUGH:True love and a true fairy tale of love, partnership and bliss. Where it can be depicted in a photo and seen through a camera lens t is here! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Francesca Pappagallo - HOW FUN! THESE ARE SO FUN TO LOOK AT. Makes me want to get engagement photos done with my husband! (we never got ours) Beautiful!

  • Sarah Alami - Wow These pictures are incredible!!!!! You two are a beautiful couple 🙂

  • natalie - beautiful. love the ones of you laughing and holding the wild flowers with deep blue sky behind you. and the one of kissing with very deep blue sky behind you. stunning

  • eric hargrove - Asleigh, From one photographer to another….bravissima!

  • terese aiello - Absolutely beautiful photos!! Gorgeous couple~

  • Jose de Vega - Beautiful girl.

  • Sarah McDermott - Gorgeous photos!! I love that sapphire dress Renita- stunning!

  • Wendy Pennington - These are stunning! Stunning couple and stunning photos! xoxoxox

  • Konstantina - Fantastic photos! You look stunning! They are all so beautiful! Especially love the one of the kiss in rear view mirror! Such a lovely couple. Congrats, Renita, and best wishes!

  • janet tscha - LOVE THESE!!!!

  • Jason - These photos are amazing! Congrats!

  • elly - Beautiful photos.. beautiful couple…. magic and miracles abound <3

  • Robin - Stunning shots and a stunning couple. These are the most original engagement shots I’ve ever seen. I love that they truly reflect the couple’s personality, both as a couple and as individuals. Renita and Alex–Congratulations!! You’re clearly going to have a very fun-filled life together. Happy Everything!

  • Amanda - You both look amazing!

  • Belinda - can you we say hotter than a Korean Spa steam room!!!!???

  • Becky Morgan - I’ve known Renita for…well…a long time – and these are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen of her. Stunning vistas, handsome guy, lovely gal, talented photographer, and a lot of love – what a wonderful combination!

  • Susana Rodriguez - These pictures are stunning!!! And you two look so much in love! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bree Warner - Gorgeous! I’ve know Renita for a while. Thrilled to see her so happy and so stunning!! Wonderful work!

  • Helaine - Gorgeous! Beautiful backdrops for an even more beautiful couple!

  • Shadee - Gorgeous! I’m coming to you when I get married! xoxo

  • Leah - Beautiful couple.

  • MaryAnn Ballard - Wonderful photos.A great pair of subjects..

  • Cristina - Soooooooo beautiful!

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