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Santa Barbara Engagement Photography | Rachael + Sadie

I am so excited to share my last engagement session of 2012 which was with the beautiful Rachael and Sadie! Rachael and I go wayyyyyy back. Like back to the days of being in musical theater camp in elementary school. So when Rachael told me via facebook she was engaged and wanted me to photograph her big day I was thrilled! How fun for life to come full circle like that… to know some one as a little kid, and then get to tell their love story as an adult! I love that! And of course, I couldn’t wait to meet Sadie!

Rachael + Sadie came up to Santa Barbara for the day to have a fun little getaway from all their whirlwind wedding planning and let me document their love! I adored spending time getting to know them both better! These two are so perfect for each other– they make each other laugh, they randomly break out into song and dance, they smile radiantly! I had so much fun exploring Santa Barbara with them, and I think they had a ton of fun being photographed, even though prior to the shoot they had told me they were a tad nervous! But seriously, they fooled me because they were all smiles and laughs throughout the shoot! The session was such a blast and I can’t wait for their wedding this Fall! YAY!

Check out the images below:

You two are so beautiful!!!

The light was gorgeous as well!!

I just love the way their eyes beam when they look at each other!

SOOO pretty! Seriously ladies, you rocked my lens!! Love is the best. Swoon!! Workin’ it for the sunset!!

To see more of this lovely Santa Barbara Engagement CLICK HERE or watch the slideshow below:

  • Courtney - What a gorgeous session with 2 beautiful women! Can’t wait to see the wedding!

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