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Santa Barbara Engagement Photography | CC + Davey

It’s always so extra fun and special when an old friend hires me to shoot her wedding! CC is a prime example! CC and I go way back to elementary school and being in the same Brownies troop, and if you had told me back when we were peddling Girl Scout cookies together that one day I’d be photographing her wedding, I definitely would not have believed it! But life is funny, and magical, and awesome like that! So here we are 20 or so years later. And CC has met Davey, the love her life! Davey is a fun and funny guy, and I had a great time getting to know him at our session. It was so heartwarming to see my old friend from Brownies so happy and to see that she found a guy who she can not only lean on for support but who can also make her laugh and smile! I am so honored they chose me to be a part of this very special and momentous time in their lives! Here is a taste of their pretty engagement session…. and I cannot wait for the big day in September!!

Check out their Slideshow too for even more photos!!!

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