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Malibu Lumberyard + El Matador Beach Engagement Photography | Kendra + Kevin

Sometimes fate has a way of working out in magical and unexpected ways. I’d say that is how Kendra came into my life! I can’t tell you how many inquiries I had for her wedding date this year. Probably 3 or 4 and two I actually met with. I didn’t book that date, and each time I was so disappointed. But the business goes on and of course other weddings and shoots continue. So, I shot a fabulous editorial shoot at Sunstone Winery. I fell hard in love with the venue and figured any bride who would get married there would be my kind of girl. Little did I know, weeks after completing the shoot I would get a fabulous email from talented planner Natalie asking if I was free on Sept 15th of a wedding at Sunstone! WHAT? Why yes, I am! And why, yes,  I have shot there and can even show you just how extra awesome my pics would be at the venue! Seriously, stars aligned.

But really the good fortune in all this was meeting Kendra. Because in addition to getting married at an amazing place, she is a truly lovely person. In the few weeks I have known her, she has been positively  sweet, upbeat, generous, funny and just an all around awesome person to get to know! Oh and she has the best fashion sense ever. At our engagement session in Malibu, I got to finally meet her man, Kevin! He is also super funny, sweet and you can tell more than anything that he really loves Kendra. These two had a blast both at The Lumberyard playing dress up and looking utterly fierce, and then running on the shores of El Matador beach! I love a couple who knows how to dress it up, but is still so down to earth they’ll splash water at each other at the beach! Awesome! I am so excited for their wedding in just a few short weeks! I know it will be amazing!!! But for now here are their engagement pics!!

Kevin is handsome, eh? He kinda reminds of Clark Gable, something about his classic style… 😉

You two are GORGEOUS!


The light was oh so romantical!

Kendra you are GORGEOUS!


This may just be my fave shot of the day!!

So stinkin’ adorable I can’t believe it!

I told you these two have fun together!


We lost light quick at the end, so we did a few sunset snaps with the off camera light!

To see more from this uber stylish Malibu engagement CLICK HERE or watch the the slide show below:

Magic! So so so excited for the big day!

  • TAVE - So beautiful! The wedding photos will be amazing, I’m sure.
    Anamaria should use some of those shots for advertizing her dresses!

  • Lisa - Love love love!!!

  • Kathy Cole - The pictures are amazing,love those two.

  • Jenny - I love them!! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures 🙂

  • Delia - These pictures are fabulous, what a great shoot!

  • Katy - Such perfection…ALL of them.

  • Jynel - Amazing shoot! Kendra and Kevin are captured perfectly here…great work!

  • Mony - These are so fantastic of you both! Love them!

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