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El Dorado Canyon, Nevada Desert Lifestyle Photography | Diana + JR

While in Las Vegas for WPPI, I was invited by Candice to tag along on a couples portrait session she had set up! To be honest, my first instinct was to pass. I felt gross from spending 4+ hours in the car getting to Vegas, was tired from the trip and it.was.COLD in them thar hills! But Candice was all, “it’s gonna be super awesome!” And I was all…ok….you twisted my arm.

We drove for an hour into the boonies of the Nevada desert. There were seriously NO CARS on the road and I had visions of our car breaking down and being attacked by a family of serial killers. YES, I have seen Wolf Creek and The Hills Have Eyes one too many times! However, much to my glee we pulled into the ghost town of El Dorado Canyon in Nelson Nevada without any problems, or ax murderers following us, and it turned out Candice is a brilliant planner!

The Nelson, Nevada ghost town is SOOOOO cool! It looks like an American Picker’s dream. There were old buildings and barns and soooo many antiques! There were old cars to play in and even a blown up airplane that had been used in a movie. It was nuts! Seriously, a photographer’s dream location. Then there was this amazing light coming between the hills of the desert… and then…

There was Diana and JR. The most adorable couple ever. Diana is buddies with Candice and works at FIDM. So her fashion sense is rad! She totally dressed the part for the session and styled up her man JR as well! Beyond being well dressed, these two were so so in love. They light up around each other, and these two have the brightest smiles! They were such a joy to photograph I didn’t even notice how cold it was!

We were allowed to hop in the hold cars and trucks that littered the property and play! So fun! I wish random old trucks would just be at every photo shoot I do!

Diana you are GORGEOUS!!!!!

The light was AMAZING! Gah, I love what just the sun can do! This is our world in all it’s glory!

Diana is so fierce! I love it! She totally harnessed her inner super model!

And JR did an awesome job too! Look at how handsome and cool he looks!

Look at the way JR soaks Diana in! That is love! No wonder she smiles so big and bright!

This feels so dark yet Anthropologie! LOVE it!

This one just makes me laugh though! It reminds me of the type of thing I’d do to AJ, and exactly the way he would glare at me! Haha!

Diana’s eyes say so much! I love!

Love JR’s smile!

When we heard there was a blown up plane on the property we were all, yeah we gotta take some photos with that! Sounds funny in retrospect, but come on how often do you get to shoot near a demolished plane!

So moody! I love!

The nice thing about roads in the middle of the boonies? You can take tons of photos right in the middle without worried about getting hit!

More road shots! I love them!

  • Molly Marie Williams - Absolutely beautiful. Lovely light. yum

  • s h e r r y - These are so gorgeous! 🙂

  • Taylor Jackson - Awesome shots, I love the ones of her looking over his shoulder it is so sneaky and adorable at the same time! The light is gorgeous!! amazing ms. Taylor!

  • cindee bae - beautiful, as always! I think we were at the same location at a diff times!

  • cindee bae - beautiful as always! I think we were at the same location at a diff time!

  • Evie Perez - Great pictures!!! Love the cars.

  • lori - these are GORGEOUS!!! next year i say we meet up and do something like that on the way again. 🙂 lol, i’m already excited for next year’s wppi! *geek much?

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