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Sometimes we forget it, but the truth is sexiness is in the little moments. It’s in simplicity. Like running your fingers through your loose, messy hair. Or putting on your man’s dress shirt and taking in his smell. Or biting into something profoundly delicious. Or how soft your skin is. Yep, little quiet sexy moments are everywhere. And I adore them. While a boudoir shoot certainly has some fantasy aspects to it, and I love getting my clients to dress up and play supermodel, I never forget to capture the simpler side to their sexy too. I always like to do at least one look that’s just natural. That’s just about who you are. Maybe in a tank top and panties, maybe in your man’s shirt or just between the sheets. I like those raw moments because that is when I can capture the core of who someone is and what makes them a total knock out!

Check out these simply sexy photos and you’ll see what I mean!

The light was just amazing!!

Smokin’ hot.

Nothing sexier than a girl between the sheets…


Enjoying yourself and laughing is seriously sexy.

THAT FACE. Oh my word, hearts are stopping across the interwebs for that face!

RIDICULOUS! Nothing hotter.

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