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I truly believe boudoir is all about celebrating who you are as a woman in this moment of your life. It is about embracing the present. And it’s about loving yourself. I work with women of all ages and at all kinds of transitions in their lives. I work a lot with married women celebrating a big anniversary, single women celebrating a new move, new promotion or career, or a big birthday. I work with moms of young children who need more than anything to feel glamorous and sexy again (because as I’ve heard it can be very hard to feel sexy when you are cleaning spit up out of your hair). And of course, I also tend to work a lot with brides.

It makes sense that I would work a lot with brides, because well, I am also a wedding photographer and already have a lot of clientele in that area! And it’s fabulous! I know for a fact that most of my brides spend about a year killing themselves to get “fit” for the wedding day. And they also do a lot of other beauty maintenance rituals too. I mean let’s face it, brides work hard to look dang good on their big day! And sure they will have fabulous wedding photos to show for it (especially if they work with me as their wedding photog, duh!!!) but when you stop to think about it, there’s so much more that should be documented during this special time in a woman’s life beyond wedding photos! Show off that rockin’ bod– I mean show it off uncovered! In about 40 years, you will be glad you did! You can tell your grandkids what a little vixen you used to be! And also don’t forget the other fabulous benefit of a bridal boudoir shoot– a very sexy wedding gift to your partner! When you hand off that album of saucy photos, you can be sure you will get your honeymoon started off right! Ooooh yeah.

So anyways, I am very excited to share with you one such bridal boudoir session, taken at my Santa Barbara Boudoir Marathon in March. I loved the bride’s veil by Petal and Thorn! And the fabulous make up was by LunaBella! Enjoy

Just gorgeous!!!

FIERCE! Work it girl!

Those eyes! What a stunner! Your soon-to-be-hubby is a lucky man!

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