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As you may remember last month I photographed six incredibly hot women for a Santa Barbara Boudoir Party! Boudoir is a huge passion of mine, and I am really really hoping to be shooting much more of it… all over SoCal, but especially in my new home of Santa Barbara CA! Between six ladies, I had hundreds of photos to fully retouch so I apologize for the delay in blogging these! But I am so excited to begin sharing snippets from the shoots! Hooray! 🙂

Seduction. Mystery. Two things that go hand in hand. As women, we know that sometimes the best way to seduce a man is to have secrets. You don’t want to reveal too much too soon. You want to create mystery. Leave him wanting more. That’s all part of the art. So I LOVE the idea of using a sexy, dramatic mask as a prop in a boudoir session. An ornate mask. A stunning figure. A confident woman. Yet you can’t quite see all of her, but you can see just enough to know she’s got it going on. That, right there, is juicy.  And after all, isn’t seduction a masquerade in a way?

Here is a collection of images from one of the sessions that plays with this concept. I absolutely ADORE how they turned out! I am so lucky to have such creative clients that bring killer props to our shoots! This stunning boudoir mask is from the ever fabulous Kristin of Petal and Thorn. I loved photographing this mask so much I may have to buy one for my prop collection! Hair and make up was by LunaBella, my favorite hair/make up team in Santa Barbara!

Enjoy these first photos and please stay tuned for more!

  • lori yohe - GORGEOUS work ashleigh! love these!

  • ami - Ashleigh, these are awesome!! Esp love the black and whites 🙂

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