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I am so excited to share a recent boudoir shoot, and that client’s wonderful testimonial! This client, as you will read, is a mom of three… and she rocked our boudoir session MAJOR! She showed her girls her pictures too, and they loved them and thought she looked beautiful! What an amazing thing to teach your daughter, by doing a shoot, that mom can love herself and love her body no matter what! So great! So please, read my sweet clients words, and check out her smoking pictures! 😉

“As a mama of three, I was hoping to gain some new appreciation for my body. Though our body is pretty for incredible for creating, then birthing a human in the first place, it can take a toll on how we view our post-baby bod.

Seeing Ashleigh’s work, plus getting the much needed nudge from a dear friend, brought me to make the final decision to go for it and bare it all for Ashleigh. Bare it all I did!

Ashleigh created a serene and safe atmosphere that made me feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed during my boudoir shoot. I enjoyed every step from the pre-shoot prep I did on my own, to the hair and makeup Ashleigh’s team provided, and the constant encouragement coming from behind the camera.

I would encourage every mama to work with Ashleigh to gain a newfound appreciation for her beautiful, strong, capable body.”

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