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Santa Barbara Boudoir Photography | Forty + Fabulous Tina

I am so excited to share Tina’s inspiring boudoir story. Tina was given a gift certificate for a boudoir sitting by her friend Stacey, who is also a past boudoir client of mine, for her 40th birthday. Tina had been going through a few ups and downs the year before in her personal life, and she told me she really just needed a day to herself– to rejuvenate, feel beautiful, pampered, relaxed and sexy again. Because she wanted to start 40 off right. I was so excited!! Because this is why I do what I do. My passion is helping women reconnect to their inner (and also outer) beauty and femininity. And I wanted to give Tina the time of her life.

The day of the shoot, we did just that. I photographed Tina prior to having my studio, so we shot at her home. There were some logistical challenges– like when her kids came home from school early or when her sweet kitty thought my seamless paper backdrop was the greatest toy ever– but we powered through those things and had some serious LOLs. Tina drank champagne, got her hair & make up done by Page, and giggled with us Stacey who was there to cheer her on. We sorted through her wardrobe and picked the sexiest options that really fit her style and the way she dreamed of looking. I guided her into poses. WE MADE HER LOOK & FEEL HOT. It was so nice to just celebrate her all day and help her feel 40 and Fabulous! By the end of the shoot she has a certain confidence and was letting her inner light shine through. It was beautiful. And I was honored to help facilitate bringing that out of her!

A few weeks later she came to her viewing session, and I revealed her pics and she was so thrilled! She ended up choosing all of them and told me she would cherish them forever. And that is what I want, to give my clients beautiful images, reflections of themselves, that they can cherish forever!

Thank you Tina for allowing me to share your beautiful story and a few of her pictures. You are 40 & Fabulous, and you will always be fabulous! It was an honor to photograph you during this milestone moment in your life and help you feel beautiful!

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