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Santa Barbara Boudoir Photography by Ashleigh Taylor

Oh boudoir photography! Many people have a love/hate with this word. You see, I always call myself a portrait photographer because I do so much more than just boudoir and I don’t want to be pigeonholed. And yet when a woman is looking for a shoot that will make her feel sexy in her skin, she usually googles for “boudoir” (I’ve also seen some spelling errors like boudior or budoir or bodoir or buodior! ha!)…. you get the picture. The word is damn hard to say, spell and even harder to define.

SO let me define it for MY SHOOTS

  1. It’s an empowering photoshoot all about celebrating the beauty of the female form. It’s about celebrating your beautiful body and all it’s done for you thus far.
  2. It’s about showing a bit more skin than most of my other shoots. Though you don’t have to go full nude as you can see above. You might wear a robe, or a slip, or a tank or a bodysuit or some combo… or you might just lay in the sheets
  3. It’s about being classy, tasteful and fashion inspired (I never photograph anything that’s raunchy or vulgar! ugh!). And don’t worry I pose and style you with this in mind so we never accidentally swerve into territory that’s too racy! I always like leaving a little something to the imagination as mystery a huge part of sexiness.
  4. It’s for you not for your partner. Though yes your partner may share in and enjoy the benefits of these photographs, I want you to do this for you!
  5. It’s all female all the time. My shoots are a safe space so I use an all female team and it’s no boys allowed!


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