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Santa Barbara Boudoir Photography | Burlesque Beauty

Boudoir and Glamour photography can be so many things. Some sessions stay pretty clothed, and I always encourage my clients to bring at least one dress. Because hey it’s nice to have some sexy yet modest photos you could hang on your wall, or post to facebook. And I love that! But I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE when a gal chooses to go way outside her comfort zone and live in a fantasy dream world! What girl doesn’t have fantasies of being a showgirl or a burlesque beauty queen?! Well if you have those secret yearnings, let’s live the dream for a few minutes in our photo shoot and create some racy photos you’ll never forget! Hey, you only live once so don’t dream it, be it!

Below are some burlesque goddess images… but they are quite provocative! So if you are a modest mouse you may want to glaze over this post!

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