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In order for us all to live our lives in the best, fullest way possible we must be brave. As I grow older I’ve come to realize bravery isn’t a single act that’s committed once in someone’s life… it’s a lifestyle. It’s a mentality. It’s a muscle we exercise over and over again. I adore boudoir photography so much because it definitely helps exercise the bravery muscle in both me and my clients. Some of the gals I work with openly share their fears about doing a session. And I get it… being photographed baring it all (both literally and figuratively) is not something that is normal or easy to do. The fear should be there. And the fear should be something we conquer together! And we do! For so many of my clients, a boudoir session is one big act of bravery that opens the door to many more acts of bravery in their life. Yes, conquering the session gives them a new sense of confidence, empowerment and motivation. And they take that newfound courage and confidence into new areas of life! That always excites me and is why I love what I do!

But every so often, I meet a client who is already one super-duper brave confident babe. A client who probably shows me more about courage than I could ever hope to show her. This gal, let’s call her Miss X, is one such lady. Miss X rides her horses every weekend and is athletic. She is an open book and  tells it like it is. She is a cancer survivor and works with an amazing charity to help other young adults facing cancer get through it. Oh and she has a full time job. Wow. If ever there was a woman who deserves to be captured just how she is, as her beautiful brave self, it is this gal.  I was definitely super honored that she chose me to be the one to capture her sexiness, her light, her vulnerability, her all around bad-assery. She told me from the get go that she always wanted to do this type of shoot and she was doing it just for herself! LOVE.  I know as brave as Miss X already was, that it still took some guts to do this shoot! And I hope it just strengthened her “bravery muscle” even more! I am so pleased with the results and honored to share all the sexy sides of this bad ass lady!

Brown eyed beauty.

Fierce shoes. Fierce vixen.

LOVED that she brought some of her horse-riding gear to the shoot! So frickin’ fun!

These two images pretty much sum her up. Low key girl in her riding boots. Who can glam it up and steal the show at a moment’s notice! LOVE that dual part of her personality!


Thank you so much for letting me capture all that you are! You inspire me girl, and I am honored to know you! 🙂

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