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So there’s this myth. This myth that I HATE. And that’s that boudoir and/or glamor photography is only for young women. For twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. When everything is tight, toned, flawless. It drives me nuts. First of all, at no point in life are we ever perfect, right ladies? Even twenty year olds have insecurities about their looks. Second, age has nothing to do with sexy. Sexy comes from within. From vulnerability, confidence, courage, accepting oneself. Sexy comes from embracing life, living in the moment, and life experiences. Sexy is as much about a beautiful mind and spirit as it is about the body. Age ain’t got nothing to do with it!

I LOVE to photograph women who are forty, or even better fifty, and know they are (or simply want to feel) fabulous! Women who want to celebrate their journey, their sensuality and feel beautiful again. These are seriously some of my favorite sessions, and I’ve been lucky to photograph a few “50 and Fabulous” sessions lately. Check out this one sexy lady below… and see how gorgeous she is, inside and out!

Flirty and fun!

Get it! Owwww! Fifty and FIERCE is more like it! If this is what 50 looks like then I can’t wait for it! Gorgeous!!! Soft and ethereal!! LOVE!

If you are in your forties or fifties and feeling a little stuck, a little bleh, a little like you need to a little push out of your comfort zone… or if you are feeling pretty fabulous, brazen, and ready to grab life by the… horns! Well then I would la-la-love to photograph you! Definitely contact me, I promise it will be so fun and give you a new lease on life!

  • Shanda Isaacs - These are great! No way is she 50, she looks amazing!! 50 is for sure the new 30 🙂

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