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Pictures Are Meant To Be Printed!! A Closer Look At Boudoir Albums

When I was 16, I refused to get a digital camera. All the cool kids were doing it, but I refused. Why? Was it a love of film and its qualities? Kind of but not totally. Was it because I was afraid of learning a new system? Nope. Was it because I always refuse to give in to trends? Eh…No… So why? Because I absolutely LOVED getting my film developed, and that feeling of getting pictures back from the lab and flipping through them. That feeling? It was THE BEST. Nothing could beat holding your memories in your hands and then getting them framed and enjoying them. I was super afraid that if I went digital, I would be too lazy to print out my pics and I would never be able to enjoy looking at prints again.

So clearly, I am a firm believer that pictures should not just live on a disc. Pictures are made to be held, to be looked at, to be displayed, to be preserved and cherished. I just don’t believe that can really happen when a client walks away with only a disc. All to often, I hear stories of clients who have their pics, and love them and love having the disc, but never get around to actually printing or displaying the images! And I totally get that life can get in the way, and a disc can just sit in a drawer untouched…which is why I offer some super awesome prints, canvases, and albums for my clients! I encourage clients who have already invested a significant amount in professional photography to go the extra mile and get a professionally made album or canvas or set of prints. And the clients who have taken my advice thus far have been totally thrilled! 🙂

Over the coming weeks, I want to showcase more of the products I offer here on the blog! I have also been re-thinking my collections, and how to get more fabulous products into each collection so that brides at every price-point can walk away with something more than just a disc!! How does that sound? More on that later…

But for now I want to talk about one of my favorite products that I offer, and one that has been a HUGE hit since I started offering them at the end of last year…and that is….::drumroll::


Boudoir sessions are very special, most of my clients invest in these pictures as a gift for their wedding night, anniversary, significant other’s birthday or even holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I know that my clients have gone the extra mile to create some fabulous boudoir pictures. They invest in not only the photography, but also hair and make up, sexy outfits, cute props, a fabulous hotel room, and often times take off work for the session just so their man won’t suspect anything! After they have invested so much, I want to make sure that the final images are presented in a beautiful way!

My boudoir albums are more like fine art albums! I LOVE that the covers feature one of your amazing photos printed on canvas and wrapped around the book! It really makes a statement!!
I try to keep all my designs super clean and simple, so that the book will always be timeless and so the focus is always on you!! 😉
The books I offer feature thick, flush mount, pages. The books lay perfectly flat when opened and as you can see have no gutter! This allows for GORGEOUS images to span an entire spread! Isn’t that stunning?!

Of course, the books are also printed at a professional level with the highest quality inks and photo paper! Clients always tell me how they are blown away by how vibrant all the colors look and how crisp the photo quality is! You can not get that level of quality when you purchase consumer market books via companies like Blurb and My Publisher!

And also, the books are acid free and archival quality. They images will not fade or yellow! These books are guaranteed by the company who prints them to last a lifetime!

Here’s a look at another recent album. Notice how we designed the cover a bit differently! It’s still super modern and stylish, and we featured several photos instead of just one big one!

Again, I LOVE full page spreads. They seriously are breath taking! Can’t you just imagine your sweetie’s jaw dropping if he flipped through his book and saw something like this?!

Hope you enjoyed this closer look at our boudoir albums! Stay tuned for posts on our wedding albums, engagement books, and gallery wraps!! 🙂

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