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Jennifer booked me a LONG time ago. So for months we chatted  via email, got to know each other a bit and anticipated our session! When the day finally came it was a bit surreal– is this finally happening?!  Jennifer was so sweet and so fun to hang out with that morning! It was honestly like being with an old friend! We laughed, talked weddings, and just had FUN! Which honestly is really what boudoir photography is all about– having fun & celebrating your life!

I LOVED that Jennifer put so much thought into the session and into the outfits she chose! She brought a veil (which I always love), an Alice In Wonderland costume because she is having an Alice themed wedding, and some other sexy outfits! It was good times! Just look how fun the session was!

I am a natural light photographer primarily. Especially when it comes to portraits. Unfortunately the hotel messed up and gave Jennifer a room with no windows! At first I was all “oh dear!” But like any good photographer, I had a solution to the problem. I whipped out my flash, set it manually, and used the walls to bounce the light to make it flattering! Yep, I rocked it out! That’s the life of a photographer, sometimes you gotta roll with the punches! And the results turned out awesome! Isn’t Jennifer hot?!!

Sexy Alice.

I love this shot! Its like Jennifer fell down the Rabbit Hole. In like, a totally SEXY way!


Jennifer you are GORGEOUS!

Jennifer thank you so much for trusting me with your b-pics and just letting loose and having fun with me! I had such an awesome time hanging out and I LOVE the pics! You are stunning– inside and out! Good luck with your wedding! I want to hear all about it!
  • Jennifer - I love them Ashleigh…

    You rocked that day and the pics are amazing now!

    Thank you for everything!

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