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I love boudoir. But you already know that. I think boudoir is empowering for women. And truthfully that is why I love it SO much! I will be frank and say boldly that I am a feminist. I believe women are equal to men and should be treated equally to men. I believe a woman has every reason to feel as successful and a s confident as a man. But truth is that ain’t always easy, right ladies?

It is hard to be a woman. There is pressure to be beautiful, thin, a domestic goddess but also have a great career. And if you are in love or married, you also have to be a good wife, and one day a rockin’ mother, and also you have to take care of your parents too. Just thinking about it is exhausting. With so much expected of women, and often times being under recognized (did you know even in 2011 women still make only $0.75 for every $1.00 a man makes doing the same job??), it is easy to understand why we sometimes feel insecure or down on ourselves.


Boudoir photos can help you see yourself in a whole new way. It takes a lot of courage to get in your skivvys and glam it up for a camera. The mere act of confronting this fear of exposing yourself and just going for it is empowering. As a female boudoir photographer, it’s so important to me that my clients feel secure. That they know they can be truly who they are around me and know I won’t judge them. In fact, I think it’s fabulous when my clients show me their true selves. Who you are is sexy and beautiful, and I want my clients to know I see them that way.

When my clients see their photos they often flip out! “Is that me?!!” they often ask! When they see how beautiful and sexy they really are, BOOM! That confidence jumps back in! And I’ve been told from many clients that they feel so proud and strong every single time they look at the photos.

The client who’s photos are featured below even wrote me and said “I’m not sure who looks at the pictures more often- me or my husband :)”

To me that says it all. Boudoir isn’t just something you do for your significant other. It’s something you do to celebrate yourself, your womanhood, and to remind yourself that you are amazing, sexy and glamorous inside and out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This is why I am a boudoir photographer. To help women feel empowered, strong, confident and sexy. To remind them how fabulous they are inside and out. To celebrate womanhood. I do believe I can change the world one woman/one boudoir shoot at a time. Yes I do!!! 🙂

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