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5 Common Myths About Boudoir Debunked…And An Exciting Announcement

I absolutely adore boudoir photography. I am so so passionate about this art form because I have seen the real ways it changes lives. Every single lovely woman I have photographed comes into the session nervous and not fully confident in her sexiness. She knows she’s got a fire in there…but she’s too afraid to let it burn. We as women have so much we face, so many images and ideals we’re bombarded with. It’s easy to be afraid that we’re not enough. It’s easy to be scared to just let go. But what blows my mind is that every single client is able to just let go in front of my camera… and this little sassy vixen comes out. And by the end of the session a new confident woman stands before me! It’s inspiring to see such transformations.

So I always wonder why there are so many women still on the fence about boudoir photography?

Maybe it is because there are so many myths about the art form floating around… I’d like to debunk 5 boudoir myths right here, right now.

Boudoir Photography is for brides only.

It is true that boudoir photography is a common thing for brides to do right before the big day, and that the photos make a great wedding night gift. And, yes, because I work also as a wedding photographer many of my boudoir clients are also brides. But the real truth is that boudoir is not simply for brides! It’s for women of all ages! I have had many clients who are already married or in committed long term relationships and give these pics for anniversary, birthday or holiday gifts. I also get a lot of moms and older women who want to do a shoot! It’s never too late to do boudoir!

Ok…well then Boudoir Photography is for women with a significant other. If you’re single there is no point.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. More than anything, I believe that boudoir photography is a gift to yourself. It is also an investment you make in yourself, much like a spa day or any other pampering experience. It is a way of pushing your limits, going out of your comfort zone so that you can grow and discover parts of yourself you never knew you had in you. It’s celebrating who you are in this exact moment of your life and owning it. I have a lot of women who do these sessions because they are at a crossroads in life or have just gone through a major transition. And the session is all about embracing all that you are and CELEBRATING it. Loving yourself. Seeing yourself in a new way. If you want to feel sexy, loved, empowered, confident then boudoir is for you.

Boudoir Photography is only for women who are skinny, fit and completely comfortable in their bodies and in front of the camera. Basically, women who do these sessions look like models.

NOPE. Most women who book a session are just regular women. They are BEAUTIFUL. But they are not perfect women with perfect model-like bodies. The truth is, even models don’t look like models since so many of the images we see are so highly retouched. But that’s not the point. The point is every woman who comes to me says the same thing “I am not photogenic. You’re gonna have your hands full with me because I’m not as pretty as the other women you work with.” But what they don’t understand is that’s how everyone feels. It is my job to pose you in a way that flatters you. To light you in a way that flatters you. To bring out your personality and emotions. To shoot you from flattering angles using the right lenses. That’s my job! Your job is to show up, be present, and push yourself even if you’re a little nervous. I work with women of ALL shapes and sizes. It’s not your shape or size I am interested in. I am interested in making you look and feel like the most confident, beautiful woman on Earth. So don’t worry if you don’t think you have the right body type for the shoot. Worry doesn’t get you anywhere. But going out of your comfort zone always leads to something beautiful.

Boudoir Photography is cheesy and/or tacky.

Back in the 80’s, yes, boudoir photography was pretty cheesy and tacky. And maybe you’ve stumbled upon a few sites where the photography feels a little cheap, trashy or yes even dated/tacky. There’s styles out there for all different tastes it’s true. But what I am in LOVE with is modern boudoir. Tasteful, classic, glamorous. When I shoot a session, I’m being inspired by the client but also by fine art, cinema, and fashion photography. It’s the art I look to for inspiration that leads to the fresh, clean, crisp, vibrant photos I am known for. I also get inspired so much by the props and outfits my clients wear. I love demure, vintage but I also LOVE bold, edgy, in your face. A little burlesque. A little vixen. To get a better idea of my style and what makes me scream “OOOH LOVE,” you should follow me on Pinterest.

Boudoir Photography could be dangerous…being photographed in the buff with someone I don’t know? Eek!

I totally understand the worry and fear that can accompany boudoir. Which is why it is so important to me to give my clients a safe, secure, female only environment for the session. First, I always get to know you before the session by having a phone consultation, chatting through email, and following each other on Pinterest and Facebook. Second, I always ask that you bring a girl friend with you to the session. I think it helps you to feel safe and secure. Third, I always work with an all female hair and make up team. Again, I just want the session to be a comfortable place. And I know for myself, I would just not be comfy in my skivvies with a man who’s not my husband! So I wouldn’t want to put my clients in any situation I myself wouldn’t be comfy with. 😉 I totally understand the concerns, but I do think if you can get to know your photographer before the shoot and also bring a trusted female friend with you, you will know you are in safe hands!

Well… there it is… five boudoir myths debunked… feeling better about the whole thing now? Good!I thought so!

And now, I have a big announcement that I am SO excited about!

On March 16, 17, and 18 I will be holding a Boudoir Party in Santa Barbara!

I can’t think of a more fun place to have the ultimate girls day, pampering experience then in my new hometown, and resort town, Santa Barbara CA!  Come up for the day, spend the weekend, or perhaps if you’re a local just try something new! I promise it will be the best flirty good time you’ve ever had.

Spaces are filling up fast as I announced this on my facebook page last week!

Please email me at for more details!



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